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Going Green (Mountain Time +3:30)
In recent days there have been numerous calls for Twitter users to change their time zone and location to match Tehran.  The idea is that doing so confuses government censors that're attempting to clamp down on any and all communication to the outside world in light of protests over the disputed Presidential election.

I hesitated to participate in this practice for some time due to my own skepticism as to whether or not this was the case.  How do we know that this will actually help people get the word out?  Do we know how the Iranian government goes about censoring Tweets coming from dissidents in their country?  Is this anything other than an empty gesture?

Ultimately, all those questions were overriden by another, more powerful question - what does it matter?

At worst, I'm participating in a gesture that may not be empty but may ultimately be more symbolic than practical.  However, that isn't a bad thing.  No moral victory can be claimed from not participating in an act that had at least a slight chance of helping somebody overseas change the world, even if it is in the most miniscule way possible.

That being said, I write this post as a pre-emptive "shut up, you pretentious jerk" to the inevitable authors of the snarky blog posts or snide message board comment that points out that all these people are changing their city and time zone on Twitter despite the fact that it doesn't actually do anything.  

Though I'd never be one to deign to speak for other people, I can tell you that I personally am not participating as a way to feel superior, or give the appearance of being more well-informed, or to simply buck to the latest Web 2.0 trend.  Nor do I pass any judgment on those who haven't and/or won't turn their picture green, change the time zone in their profile, or modify their location.  I'm doing this because I'm one of those people that believe in things like free speech and realize that not only are there governments that openly engage in active conflict with their own people and their inherent rights and basic freedoms, but that real change can come from and be affected by those very same people.

Call me foolish or a poser, but that's something I'm willing to look silly for.
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Kevin Marshall now acting Lieutenant Governor of New York State

Kevin Marshall

Kevin Marshall Now Acting Lieutenant Governor; Holds Tie-Breaking Vote


TROY, NY - In response to the current situation in the New York State Senate and in accordance with recent claims by Senate President pro tempore Pedro Espada (D-Bronx), Troy resident Kevin Marshall has declared that he is now acting Lieutenant Governor of New York State and holds the tie-breaking vote in the Senate.

Mr. Marshall (registered to vote as a Democrat in the Empire State) makes this claim in light of the claim made by Sen. Espada this week in regards to being able to strike two votes simultaneously and break any potential tie in the chamber.

The New York State Constitution does not indicate a line of succession for the office of Lieutenant Governor, a seat that was vacated when David Paterson became Governor after the resignation of Eliot Spitzer. This week, Senator Espada took that to mean that he could legally declare himself Lieutenant Governor and vote not once, but twice. Taking that logic into account, Mr. Marshall (D-Troy) has now declared himself Lieutenant Governor.

“I had no idea all you you could declare yourself Lieutenant Governor and give yourself magical powers,” said Marshall in response to the news that he was now acting Lieutenant Governor. “I would like to thank the Senator for providing me with such valuable information as well as all the smiles he’s brought to so many faces in recent weeks with his antics.”

Mr. Marshall is a citizen of the United States who has never been arrested or even investigated for any improprieties involving election laws or domestic abuse.

For additional information on Lt. Governor Kevin Marshall, please check his Twitter page at or on Facebook at

- END -  



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I've finally found out what I need to do to make sure that posts show up IN FULL on your Google Reader or whatever RSS feed reader you employ.  That means you get the FULL POST and don't have to go through the trouble of clicking "read more" to view the entirety of a post.  You can view the change by refreshing the feed.

You're welcome, handful of iPhone users that have demanded this feature!

And it's okay, people reading this who have no idea what I'm talking about.  It doesn't effect you. 

I DECLARE WAR (if by "declaring war" we mean bitching about one time on my blog) ON KFC

There are plenty of reasons not to eat at KFC, the franchise formerly known as "Kentucky Fried Chicken" (FACT - the real reason they go by KFC is because the State of Kentucky put a trademark on "Kentucky" and NOT because what they serve can't be identified as chicken).  Chief among them is that despite all attempts to church up their franchise through clever marketing and the intervention of Oprah Winfrey, they're still nothing more than your typical fast food restaurant.  Terrible quality, quick but awful service, and food so woefully unhealthy that it makes one wonder what exactly the FDA's purpose is if it's not protecting Americans from the poisonous deep fried fat the franchise stuffs into the mouths of morbidly obese Americans.

On the other hand, I've always been one to say live and let live.  Or, as Paul McCartney once wrote, "Live and let die choking on a chunk of over-processed chunks of cheap meat" (I'm paraphrasing).  After all, I've only been a non-smoker for less than a year, and I'm not one to deny myself foods that others may turn their nose at for various reasons, health-related and otherwise.

Just minutes ago, however, KFC earned my permanent ire with their online advertising.

I followed a link provided by a friend on Facebook to watch a video from "The Daily Show."  The segment was about Long Islanders wanting to secede from the Union.  Being a former student at Siena College, I found the prospect of ridiculing the dumber residents of Long Island particularly enticing.  First, though, I had to sit through an advertisement.

So I let the advertisement run, opening up another tab to see what kinda bullshit people I know are Twittering about these days (HINT: it's not important!).  Hearing the actual video itself clicked in, I went back to watch the video.

Instead, I saw the following:

An advertisement for Kentucky Grilled Chicken.  Which is all well and good, except as you can see in the image above, IT'S BLOCKING THE GODDAMN VIDEO.

Now, it's one thing to have a flash ad that pops up.  As obnoxious as they are, they usually have a little "X" somewhere that allows you to close out the advertisement so you can resume whatever activities you went to that site for in the first place.

This ad, on the other hand, would not go away.  It was like a scene out of a horror movie.  I saw an irritating pixie-like Madison Avenue version of a geeky chick dancing around a bucket of chicken, and when it was over, it just sat there.  It was like seeing something so awful that I couldn't bear to look away.

Except in this instance, I tried.  But it wouldn't let me.  The only way for me to get rid of the advertisement was to refresh the window, at which point I had to sit through ANOTHER AD that I'd already sat through to watch the video in the first place.

Now, a lot of you are probably thinking that it's a bit ridiculous for me to spend more time blogging about something than the amount of time it took to simply wait for the video to load without the obnoxious KFC ad.  However, there's a more important point - I will now, for the foreseeable future, associate KFC with a disruptive ad that prevented me from seeing something that I might enjoy.  Whereas the idea of an advertisement is to get me to enjoy a product, instead I will be unable to even entertain the idea of trying it out without thinking of the hindrance and annoyance of their advertisement.

ATTENTION ADVERTISERS:  "viral marketing" doesn't mean "annoy the shit out of the consumer."  Despite what you've been led to believe, there is such a thing as bad publicity and negative connotation.

KFC - "We Do Chicken Right, Just Don't Ask Us to Get You to Try It Unless Oprah's Paying For It."

The Death of Misawa (A Retrospective)
 The sport of professional wrestling and the bad habit of wrestlers of staying active in the industry far longer than they should has claimed another victim.
Japanese professional wrestling legend Mitsuharu Misawa was killed in the ring earlier today when he was knocked unconscious during a Backdrop Driver and, presumably, his heart stopped.  The Backdrop Driver is a common spot in Japanese professional wrestling matches but still a dangerous move even for highly trained professionals.
Misawa was participating in a tag team match with partner Go Shiozaki against Akitoshi Saito and American transplant Bison Smith.  Saito performed the move on Misawa, who immediately went limp in the ring.  Several individuals attempted to revive him with CPR after he became unresponsive and turned purple.  While the silence of the Japanese audience is usually maintained in reserved respect for the proceedings they observe, it quickly turned somber until it was broken with a growing chant of "Misawa."
Misawa was taken to the hospital and coroner reports say he died there.  However, witnesses have told Dave Meltzer and various other journalists that his heart had actually stopped beating in the ring.  According to reports, he was most likely dead before they even had a chance to get him through the ropes.
Misawa was just days short of his 47th birthday.
Misawa was discovered by Shohei "Giant" Baba at the age of 17.  Baba, who was the main draw and owner of All-Japan Pro Wrestling, brought Misawa in after a successful High School amateur wrestling career.  He first gained notoriety on a national level as the second man to don the hood of "Tiger Mask," a gimmick made popular by Satoru Sayama in the country in the early 1980s.
In 1990 he dropped the gimmick and began competing under his real name.  For the remainder of the decade he was a consistent draw for the company, with legendary matches against fellow luminaries Toshiaki Kawada and Kenta Kobashi.  His feuds with both men made him arguably the biggest star of the nineties and considered by many to be ranked amongst the greatest performers of any era of professional wrestling.
After the death of Baba in 1999, Misawa took the role of President of All-Japan Pro Wrestling while remaining active as a wrestler.  In 2000, increasing disagreements over the financial and creative direction of the company with now-owner Motoko Baba - the widow of Shohei "Giant" Baba - resulted in Misawa leading a mass exodus of talent out of All-Japan Pro Wrestling.  They formed the "Pro Wrestling NOAH" promotion, with Misawa as President and one of the company's main draws alongside Kenta Kobashi.
Misawa remained with the company as President and member of its roster right up to the moment of his death.
It had become clear in the last decade that Misawa's body was deteriorating.  However, like so many of his American counterparts, Misawa refused to allow age, time, or the natural wear and tear associated with being a professional wrestler to keep him out of the ring.  Although he retained a loyal fanbase who saw his stubborn refusal to retire as a sign of "fighting spirit," many argued that his insistence on remaining an active wrestler led to a decrease in attendance at live events due to the inability for most fans to buy into what appeared to be a broken down old man competing with and defeating men half his age (and often younger).
It may seem a familiar story for both fans of professional wrestling and folks who have been exposed to the long-term effects of damage done by men staying in the ring well past their expiration date through films such as "The Wrestler" and extensive media coverage provided in the months after Chris Benoit murdered his wife and child before hanging himself with exercise equipment.  Japan in particular has always maintained a very physical style of high-angle neck bumps and hard striking to maintain the illusion of credibility, and it only got worse as Misawa's star was rising.
In the mid-nineties, Mixed Martial Arts came onto the scene in Japan and blew the lid off professional wrestling in the country.  Attendance sharply dropped at live professional wrestling events due to the mainstream's exposure to MMA smartening them up as to what a legitimate fight resembled and the insistence of many professional wrestlers to challenge MMA fighters to legitimate bouts - which they more often than not lost in embarrassing fashion.
In the United States, the response to the crowd becoming wise to the con was to put the emphasis on entertainment.  Japan, on the other hand, is an entirely different culture.  The logical response to them was to increase the emphasis on dangerous in-ring maneuvers and physicality.  The result was a sharp increase in injuries and shorter careers for the sake of an audience that was a tiny fraction of what it once was.  But while the livelihood itself can be criticized for the tragedy that occurred, more blame can be placed on the fact that Misawa should have been retired for some time.
I personally saw Mitsuharu Misawa perform in December of 2007.  While he put on a Hell of a performance in the ring, it was apparent in his walk down the aisle that he was a broken man.  Although only 44 at the time I saw him, he looked and moved like a man at least fifteen years his senior.  It was a sad and sobering experience to see him before and after the match.  Bell to bell, it was if he had been able to make time stop and warp reality to make himself twenty years younger.
Therein lied the true talent of Mitsuharu Misawa.  No matter what the circumstances before and after a match, while it was happening he had the uncanny ability to capture your attention and make you believe.  He could no longer sell tickets due to his physical deterioration and seeming complete lack of personality, but those that saw him live would always come away with the experience of having seen one of the greatest professional wrestling performances of their lifetime.
Misawa's match with Kenta in December of 2007 for the Ring of Honor promotion was the final professional wrestling event that I paid money to see and actively paid attention to.  I saw one live event after that - a comp ticket I received from a friend - after I'd reached a point where I no longer cared.  In that sense, I count Misawa as having been my final memorable experience at a live professional wrestling event.  And for that I'm both grateful and sad.


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